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HINAR company development strategy "to the spirit of Heiner rivers, extensive absorption of domestic and foreign advanced management and technology, continuous improvement, continuous innovation, and gradually improve their own products, differentiated competitiveness", according to the strategy, the company focus on the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise management system , To strengthen the modern enterprise management, with a complete set from the design, software development, product manufacturing to engineering services business system.

HINAR company to "good attitude, good quality, good life" as its core values, people-oriented, attention and attention to talent, the company brings together the industry where senior management, technology and production backbone. Company employees 116, of which 12 engineers, senior engineer 4.

HINAR company in "from the customer, the line of innovation" business philosophy, accurate and timely to provide users with personalized products and services. Company's existing invention patents 3, utility model patents 5, the appearance of nine patents.

HINAR company's main products are lifting electromagnetic energy control system, electronic control permanent magnet system, switched reluctance motor and speed control system, cable, fiber and hose winding system and high voltage switchgear and so on.

HINAR company is the only independent research and development, production of traditional electromagnet energy-saving control system manufacturers, and the traditional lifting electromagnet electric control compared to HINAR's electronic control can make the work of the electromagnet energy consumption fell more than 40%, the current HINAR cooperates with several colleges and research institutes to develop a number of projects, including the high controllable switched reluctance motor and speed control system in the national 863 plan, which can save more than 20% of the traditional motor.

HINAR companies to pursue the use of high-tech products to provide users with cost-effective products through the user's satisfaction and success, reflect their own value.