Hydraulic coupling cable reel

Product description
To solve the high frequency, high speed and high reliability of the process of cable retractable problems. In the field of technology, Hinar company has a number of invention patents.

TCCR Features:
When the cable is in response to the cable, the cable is closed and the cable is too smooth and the impact is less. It can effectively protect the cable and prolong the service life of the cable. The drive and coupling parts are few, the structure is simple, the reliability is high, Less, low operating costs.

TCCR is particularly suitable for use in the following applications:
1, the cable was received in the control of cables such as electric hydraulic clamp, port crane spreader, hoist, metallurgical vehicles such as ladle, molten iron and so on.
2, the cable was fast and fast, and the use of high frequency, such as marine cranes supporting the hydraulic hydraulic grab, the terminal (port) for loading and unloading of the lifting magnet.

3, the mobile device in the process of running a greater acceleration, such as RTG, because the RTG power is larger, the winding cable diameter, large weight, reel large rigidity, winding the cable reel moment of inertia Large and fast response to the power required is also very large, usually using frequency coupled with hydraulic coupling together to complete.

Intelligent hydraulic coupling cable reel ITCCR work characteristics (Intelligent Turbo coupling Cable reels)

1, the cable reel cable cable process, no matter how much change in reel coil diameter, cable tension fluctuations less. And the solution is flexible, the cable life greatly extended.

2, the drum is in S1 working condition, the cable through the high frequency signal can make the reel quickly respond to cable requirements, a simple and reliable way to effectively solve the mobile device requirements of the rapid response to the problem, to avoid the huge delay caused by cable Hidden danger.

3, simple structure, easy installation and maintenance, no complicated program control and a wide range of location switch, less wearing parts, maintenance is small, improve the efficient operation of logistics equipment and operating time.

Working conditions: A Lightweight B heavy type C high dynamic type
Standard TC uses parameters
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