Liquid viscous drive cable reel

Product description
HVD is the use of liquid viscous transmission technology as a roll slip mechanism of the cable winding device, the core technology lies in its liquid viscosity slip work unit. HINAR has been able to adjust the HVD-related lubricating medium, the specific pressure, the temperature, the viscosity and the shape, size, groove, and groove of the HVD oil film. After a long period of renovation and experiment, Materials and other factors to ensure that HVD in different conditions under the stable and reliable.

HVCR Features:

A structural features: the use of worm gear as a slowdown device, and the HVD and worm gear integrated in one, compared with other structural forms, the volume is small, simple structure; and because the worm gear has a self-locking function, reliable and simple solution The cable reel out of power requirements.

B Torque characteristics: Since the magnitude of the torque change does not exceed 10% of the rated torque during the HVD drive, the reel is basically constant torque during the cable retraction process. If the reel is structured in multiple layers, the tension on the cable tends to be constant, ie, the constant tension cable reel. The following are the same as the "

If the reel is in the form of a single row of multiple layers, the tension on the cable will vary depending on the size of the winding radius. If the cable and cable system are used in combination, the reel radius of the cable system is constant , The tension of the cable is basically constant; due to the positive and negative working torque of the HVD, the cable reel is less impacted by the tension of the cable when the cable and the cable are changed. Tensile damage to the cable.

C Cost-effective features:

HVD transmission is to rely on the shear force of the oil film to achieve, as long as the non-stop production of oil film, they can keep the transmission torque to ensure that the effective operation of the reel, the reel work less loss, low maintenance costs; Simple structure, easy to maintain; HVD work process is essentially a fluid drive, driving electric motor energy saving is significant.

D work system restrictions: HVD oil film formation in a certain temperature range, when the temperature is too high, HVD working oil film can not be effectively generated, so HVDCR is not suitable for high frequency and high continuity of the working system, high frequency Degree and high continuity of the working system, the constant input HVD slip power will be converted into heat from the surface to the HVD working medium temperature continues to rise, when the medium temperature to a certain extent, the oil film can not be effectively generated, HVD oil film Shear work into a friction between the friction between the friction, in the case of wet friction drive, the friction of the life will be greatly shortened, the torque characteristics of the map will also be an essential change.
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