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HVD reel used in wet spray machine instructions

2012-5-23 14:51:55      Click:
1, the use of special mining cable.

2, using Parker / permco hydraulic motor drive;

3, equipped with Hinar dedicated Hydrodynamic gear box, constant torque output, zero maintenance, adjustable output torque;

4, the control is simple: the cable when the hydraulic motor does not work, through the reducer slide the cable out, the cable when the motor rotation; 5, both ends of the cable are equipped with cable fixed net;

5, the use of Hinar V series slip ring, V-groove and multi-carbon brush patented design to ensure that the carbon brush and slip ring of good contact and heat.

6, optional cam limit device, the limit access to the wet spray machine walking chain, set the state to stop the wet spray machine walking;

7, in the wet spray machine does not walk the state, can be cable length cable for the ground to the ground 3 meters -5 meters;

8, the use of ambient temperature -30 ℃ to 40 ℃;

9, the maximum cable speed of 20m / min, when the wet spray machine to the direction of the cable to run and the speed is less than 20m / min, the cable cable speed can be synchronized with the wet spray machine speed.
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